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INNsurance for AAA Members

Finn Foster APB have been working with the accommodation industry for the last 37 years, providing insurance and risk management solutions to the Hospitality industry and many other corporate and commercial sectors.

Over the last 18 months, our strategy has been to evaluate the entire insurance market in order to develop a “bespoke” product that would cater and deliver a comprehensive and balanced pricing for the motel accommodation sector.

As a result of this extensive exercise, Finn Foster have been able to deliver an enhanced programme delivering AAA members with significant savings and broader coverage.

  • Since the commencement of the new programme in August 2015,  100% of Motels quoted have taken up the coverage
  • Savings delivered to AAA members range between 25% – 40% on their existing premiums
  • Coverage provided under an Industrial Special Risks Policy (as opposed to a Business Pack Policy)
  • Insurance provided through Lloyds of London which have an A+ rating with Standards & Poors

"The staff were thoroughly helpful in every way. I called them back in August after the [Chain] conference in Bali.  I’ve always used the [Chain] preferred supplier but thought, what the hell, I’ve been an AAOA for 30 years so I’ll give your preferred supplier a try.  Nell stayed in touch with me all the way as they could not quote so far out, my insurance not falling due until 30th November.  Along the way, Nell offered me additional coverage for areas I had not previously considered.  The end result, great coverage with a saving of over 20% (around $4,500 saving)."

Rob McBride, Ensenada Motor Inn & Suites,

 Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Examples of Live Savings at November 2015

Motel / Rooms

Existing Premium

AAA Member Premium


Motel  1  – 16 Rooms




Motel  2  – 24 Rooms




Motel 3 – 30 Rooms




Motel  4 – 39 Rooms




Motel  5  – 52 Rooms




Current challenges faced within our industry at present

In our industry there is a very limited insurer appetite for flood and cyclone exposed areas. As brokers to the AAA, our key challenge is to get our programme to a sustainable level, which would allow us to work with insurers to be able to provide an effective solution for these members.

We are tracking Government set initiatives that are exploring the possibility of creating a “fund”, for the cyclone region, similar to the Terrorism Levy as instituted after the Terrorism attacks. We will monitor this closely and keep the AAA and its members informed of developments as they unfold.

How we are able to deliver such significant savings? - Simple – through “Group Buying Power”.

INNsurance is now available for all accommodation providers.  Operators seeking assistance or for a quote on premiums can fill out the form below or request a callback by emailing

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The Accommodation Association of Australia provides the Innsurance Programme powered by Finn Foster APB to provide broader coverage, and also gain premium savings by being part of a Group Insurance Programme.

If you are interested in see the advantages this program can bring you, we need you to provide the following information about your property, which our Brokers will use to negotiate Insurance Programme on your behalf.


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