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Pre-Employment Programs


The AAoA Academy is being the industry lead in training job seekers to give them the skills and opportunities to gain employment in our sector. The Federal Government have recently announced they predict 123,000 jobs available by 2020 without a local supply channel of employees. In addition, recent changes to visa’s by the Federal Government has impacted our sector.

The AAoA Academy is working closely with the Department of Employment, Job Active providers and key Registered Training Providers to promote job seekers to undertake training to give them necessary skills. A major component of the program is work experience / placement.

The AAoA Academy has partnered with key members and industry partners to provide successful outcomes for the students and industry. Vist: Academy Success Stories.

The program consists of the following –

  • The AAoA Academy work with Job Active providers to pre-screen job seekers wishing to gain employment in our sector.
  • Key skill set training, as consulted and driven by industry, delivered to students.
  • Work placement given for students with members to gain on the job skills and give employers opportunities to see the student’s skills prior to offering employment.

Benefits to members –

  • Pre trained job seekers who have been endorsed to supply a recruitment channel to available positions.
  • No wages payable for work experience (1-2 weeks depending on the program).
  • All insurances are covered
  • Potential incentives of up to $1,000 per work placement student.
For more information or to support please contact:
Troy Schufft
Director – AAoA Academy
P: 02 8666 9015  |  M: 0429 045 863